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To: Interior Design Students

From: :)ane

Subject: Interest vs. Committment

I’ve been posting job opportunities on this blog for many years now, and will continue to do so. But I am always surprised (and sad) to learn that nobody inquired about or applied for a particular job.

The design industry is finally doing very well again. There are more opportunities than ever. Firms are searching for good candidates to hire.

I think it’s time for you to decide. Do you really want a career as an Interior Designer?

A few years ago, you could use the economy as an excuse – because there just weren’t many jobs out there. But that is no longer true. All of us on the COD Interior Design faculty are not just “interested” in giving you a quality education. We are COMMITTED to preparing you to succeed. And we even find job opportunities for you. But you have to take it from there. You will gain valuable experience from any internship or job that you do.

Please… think about this: Are you committed to your success? It takes commitment to find success. What can and should you do to make that happen? If you decide that it is time to take that next step, to use what you learned in the classroom within a workplace setting, that is great. Apply for jobs.

But I’d also like you to remember one additional thing… that you are a representative of the Interior Design program at COD. Do your best to make us proud and represent other students who will be following in your footsteps. We want everyone to know that COD has an excellent Interior Design program and prepares amazing students!!!



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Remind me

This is me.

I had bronchitis before spring break and may have missed seeing a message or two. Or Ten. Or more. Then I was gone over break, with no access to my email. I feel fine again, but haven’t been able to go back and see everything that came in while I was sick or on break. That’s why I thought I’d better write this post.

And from now on, if you are still waiting for a reply after a few days, please resend your email. I receive over a hundred emails a day and have classes, meetings, and other responsibilities to juggle. Even when I’m not sick or gone, it can be hard to keep up with them. Don’t  hesitate to check by emailing again. Never think that I am intentionally ignoring your message. I sincerely try to do as much as I can and care about all of our students. I just have a lot of balls to keep in the air.

Just wanted you to know.

Kitchen & Bath Designer – Home Depot in Carol Stream

The Home Depot in Carol Stream is looking for a Kitchen & Bath Designer. One of our grads is currently a K&B designer there and tells me that they would like to hire another designer ASAP.

If you have completed the K&B courses and are interested in applying, you should submit an application on-line at

Then I suggest that you email the department supervisor, Dianna Zychowski, to introduce yourself and let her know that you have applied. You could also ask her any additional questions related to the job. Her email address is:

Kitchen & Bath Internship at LaMantia Design & Remodeling in Hinsdale


LaMantia Design & Remodeling has just moved into their new showroom in Hinsdale – on Ogden just west of the Tollway – and it is beautiful. I took a tour yesterday, when I met with one of their lead designers about the internship opportunity, and it would be a fabulous place to work.

They are looking for someone who has completed at least one of the Kitchen & Bath courses since the intern should able to work with K&B drawings, equipment, and materials. Knowing the Chief Architect computer program is also a plus. They need someone ASAP, but hours can change after the spring semester is finished and you may have more time.

Duties: Assist lead designer in all phases of the project. Each project will have a Lead Designer and a Selections Specialist/Designer. LaMantia understands that this will be a learning opportunity for the intern, but also a chance for the intern to contribute to their business. The intern could be called upon to assist with:

  1. Retrieving appliance specifications and updating project files
  2. Updating client selections on spreadsheet files
  3. Compiling the “Warranty Packet” given to each client upon the completion of a project (this covers warranties and care information, which is very important for K&B designers to understand –> a great learning opportunity).
  4. Sitting in on client meetings
  5. Shadow designer on project leads & home visits
  6. Answering Phones
  7. Greeting clients in the showroom
  8. Filing

You would need to be available to work some (not all) Saturdays. This is a busy day in the residential remodeling industry.

This is a paid position, at least at minimum wage, but with consideration given if previous experience (sales, customer service) would be a factor.

There is potential to grow with the LaMantia organization.

If you are interested, please contact Gina Mazzone. Include your email cover letter and a resume. She is a COD grad and has been with LaMantia for 15 years. You will not need to have a final/finished portfolio, but you will need to show examples of your work.

Fermilab Summer Intership in the Facilities Department


This could be a great opportunity for you! The intern would work with an NCIDQ certified interior designer, Lisa Carrigan. That means that the hours could count toward NCIDQ qualification. She designs, specifies and installs projects on the Fermilab campus.

She uses AutoCAD, so you would help with the drafting/space planning, placing the furniture orders, and managing the installation. She works with a variety of employees of all levels of management and a variety of contractors (general construction, carpenters, furniture installers, painters, electricians, network wiring and phone technicians as well as furniture dealers/sales reps from several companies and the in house procurement  officer).

I asked her a few follow-up questions, and this was her reply…

Timeframe: A Seasonal Employee can work from May 1st to Sept. 30th. I mentioned that the semester is over on May 19, so students may not be available until then. But if you want to start earlier – YOU CAN!

What are the workday hours?  They would be working with me, and I work 6:30am to 5pm, Mon-Thurs.  (FRIDAYS OFF IN THE SUMMER) They can work 4 @ 8 hr. days, or whatever schedule works best for them.  I am flexible.  It doesn’t have to be full time.

Salary?  The pay rates are based on a couple of things.  Since your students have not worked here before, they would be working their first year at Fermilab.  And, they would fall into the “Technical category”.  The Technical Seasonal Employee starts at $10.25 an hr. for the first year.  If technical and enrolled in a degree program (which I think your students fall into this category) the pay is $11.73 an hr.

Who should they contact if they are interested? Fermilab has posted the summer 2017:  Drafter-Interior Design position, please have your students apply!  It closes April 4th.



It’s Time to Apply for Scholarships for Fall 2017


I received an email this week from the Scholarship Specialist at the COD Foundation asking us to spread the word to all our students about $$$

Every COD student is eligible for Foundation scholarships each semester, but entirely too few know this. During the most recent scholarship cycle, $17,000 in scholarships went unclaimed—funds that certainly would make a difference in the lives of many of our students.

Applications are open until March 23rd. That’s a month from today. Students can apply by visiting and selecting “Apply for Scholarships.” After logging in with your COD information, the scholarship system asks you a few qualifying questions and whittles down the list to those for which you would qualify.

Here is a pdf list of scholarships available to students in our division. It was a long list, so I whittled it down a bit. I deleted the program specific ones (like Automotive or Welding). It also shows how many applications were received for each category, so you can see if you have a good chance of receiving something. I also deleted a few that had hundreds of students applying for one $500 scholarship.

I’d love to see lots of you apply for, and receive, some of these funds.



Art Van Summer Internships

What are you doing this summer? How about a 10-week internship that is FULL-TIME and PAID!!! See more of the details about the internship and Art Van in the information below.

This is an EXCELLENT opportunity for you to earn a salary while learning about the furniture industry and gaining experience with actual clients. Take a look at the schedule at the bottom of this article to see the extent of the content – it’s very impressive. After the initial orientation, you will be able to work at the store that is closest to your home. Multiple internship positions are available.

If you are interested, you should email Sharon Davis – and include your resume. DO IT NOW. She will be coming to the COD area the week of February 20th and would like to interview candidates on Monday Feb 20 or Friday Feb 24.

If you have any questions, Sharon’s phone number is listed in the flyer. I met with her last semester, so I’d be happy to talk to you about this as well.







We are a 3rd generation, family-owned business in Naperville with an excellent reputation for custom picture framing, custom art printing, and related services. Our design and production teams complete all orders in-house. In addition to walk-in business, we offer in-home and in-office consultations, on-site installation, and have been building our outside sales activity (residential and corporate). Sales professional will be responsible for custom picture framing and custom art printing sales and related services to existing and new clients.


Professional demeanor, selling style, and appearance. Sales experience in a fashion, art, or decor field a plus. Verbal, written, and listening communication skills, organized, efficient. Ability to work individually and as part of a team. Must be computer literate to learn the order process software.

Experience with customer relationship management software helpful. Passion for design, attention to detail, drive for sales, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Position is full-time, competitive hourly rate, with benefits (vacation/holiday, 401K, health insurance)

NOTE FROM JANE: This position will start in mid-January. If you are interested, contact Stephanie at the number or email below. They do a lot of custom work, using photoshop, so there is the potential to become involved in that as well. 🙂

Stephanie Colbert, Operations Manager

Colbert Custom Framing & Art Printing

1283 S. Naper Blvd. Naperville, IL 60540


Direct email:








Commercial Interior Designer

Design Firm Seeks Interior Design Project Coordinator:  Must be proficient in AutoCAD Drafting and construction details and documents.  Must possess strong design skills including the ability to effectively create 3D illustrations.  Proficient in Photoshop, excel, word, office with strong computer skills.  Able to create technical design and details to support the creative conceptual design tasks.  As an integral part of the design team you will be responsible for coordinating efforts between sales, design, and our operations team to ensure timely completion of orders and tasks.  Strong ability to problem solve, be organized, and work collaboratively with the Director of Design and Relationship Managers.  Millwork/Construction Knowledge a Plus.

If you know if anyone that has these qualifications and would be interested  in the position,  please feel free to have them send me their resume for review.

Amy Jedlicka,

Executive Assistant

Michele Pelafas, Inc.

910 S. Riverside Drive  Suite 3

Elmhurst, IL 60126 |