ID Students to Design COD Veteran’s Lounge

Students in the Contract Design Studio have been asked to design the COD Veteran’s Lounge, which will be located in the newly opened Student Services Center (SSC). The space was originally designated as a conference room, but the director of Student Activities, Chuck Steele, offered the space as a lounge for the COD student veterans.

COD has been reaching out to community veterans who have recently returned from deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. The COD Coordinator of Veterans Services, Shelly Mencacci, has been working with the design students, giving them a tour of the space and outlining the project requirements. The goal is to make this a welcoming and relaxing, yet fun, environment for COD veterans to gather. The Veteran’s Lounge will be dedicated on Veteran’s Day, which is Friday, November 11th (11-11-11). The governor, Pat Quinn, is scheduled to attend the dedication ceremony.

After touring the space and verifying dimensions, the students developed preliminary space plans and researched furnishings and materials to be used in the space. These were shared with Shelly and the president of the Student Veterans Association (SVA) last week. So far, the “clients” are very excited about the proposed design. Things should start moving forward over the next few weeks as we determine budget, solicit donations, and finalize plans. We will keep everyone posted as the project progresses.

Until then, here are some BEFORE photos of the space:


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