Student Poll for Spring Semester Registration

We need your help! If you have not registered for spring semester, we would like to know what you are planning to sign up for. Your contact information will be kept confidential, but we will use it to notify you if a class you are planning on taking is in danger of cancellation due to low enrollment.

Please register for classes as soon as possible. But if you are not able to do so until a later time, please click on the links below for any of the classes you are planning to (or even considering) registering for, complete the short form, and submit it.

Interiors 1110-Drafting Interiors                               Interiors 1120-Interior Systems           Interiors 1130-Perspective Techniques                   Interiors 1140-Color Rendering          Interiors 1152-Arch&Design History II              Interiors 1153-Arch&Design Non Western  Interiors 1160-Environ. Textiles             Interiors 1170-Environ. Materials & Applications Interiors 1180-Prof. Pract. & Ethics      Interiors 1190-Barrier Free & Life Safety Codes  Interiors 1821-Revit for Interiors                                Interiors 2211-Computer Appl. I        Interiors 2213-Computer Appl II                       Interiors 2213 – Computer Appl. III       Interiors 2220-Interior Architectural Details                             Interiors 2311 – Lighting I  Interiors 2410-Residential Design Studio             Interiors 2420-Universal Design Studio  Interiors 2440-Office Design Studio                  Interiors 2511-Kitchen & Bath Design I     Interiors 2531-Green Interiors I                               Interiors 2532-Green Interiors II          Interiors 2610-Portfolio Review                         Interiors 2820-K&B CAD Chief Architect

*if your computer doesn’t allow you to access the links, hold the ctrl key down as you click the link 😉


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