COD Veteran’s Lounge Project – Please Help!

During the Fall 2011 Semester, the Contract Design Studio worked on a design project for the COD Veteran’s Lounge.

The ribbon cutting & dedication was held on Veteran’s Day, 11-11-11. The first photo shows four of the COD student veterans with Shelly Mencacci, the Coordinator of Veteran’s Affairs on campus.

The second photo shows some of the students from the class who were able to attend the event with Shelly and Jake (president of the Veteran’s Students Association) and our presentation boards that were on display during the Open House. It was a great day and everyone was so appreciative of our efforts to help with the design of the space.

So now the project goes into the implementation phase. Since the space was originally a conference room with a few tables and stacking chairs, and there is no budget for new furniture or other amenities, they are required to do some fund raising to make the project a reality for the student veterans. Many civic organizations, like the VFW in Naperville, have stepped up to help.

But the Interior Design students who worked on the project would like to help as well, and we hope you will join us!

Many of the students in the Contract Studio are now in the Universal Design Studio, so that class will be taking the lead in seeking donations for our financial contribution to the project. Anyone interested in making a donation to the project can contact Jane Kielb (me). As a thank-you for helping with this project we have a few gifts for you. For a minimum donation of $8 for each item, or $15 for both, you will receive a specially designed idCOD lanyard and/or magnet (you know you want them):

After we have presented our gift to the Veteran’s Association, I’ll update everyone on the dollar amount we were able to raise and what our donation was used for.


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