Do You Need Help Planning Your Spring Schedule?

Jane here…. To help students plan Spring semester schedules (due to the changes for Interior Design classes and degree requirements coming in Fall 2013) I’ve added some  additional advising hours to my office schedule for November.

If you would like to schedule a half hour advising appointment, please email me at to request 30 minutes from the days/times listed below. They will be first come – first served. I’ll send you a confirming email if I am able to give you the requested appointment.

Please come to the appointment prepared. Check out the Spring schedule ON-LINE. The printed copy is incorrect. Have a list of the classes you have already completed and the classes you are considering for Spring semester.

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment if you need to discuss your class options and the upcoming curriculum changes.
Please do not drop by my office during the times listed and expect me to be available to help you. That time will be reserved for someone else or I will be using any office time that has not been booked for needed class preparations and grading.

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