Class Focus: Office Design Studio

On March 18th, the students in Cynthia Milota’s Office Design Studio presented concept videos and the materials palettes for their final project, a “co-working” office in Glen Ellyn. Hannah Maletich, from Whitney Designs in Oak Brook was there to help Cynthia give feedback on the design presentations. (Hannah is a COD graduate)

Each student was required to make a Concept video, using images and music to visually explain their project . They loaded their videos on youtube, so here are links to some of them. (Check them out – they’re great!!!)

Sue Goodell

Kennisha Soumanou

June Yan

Julita Cinga

Stephanie Michalek


In the format of a professional design firm, students displayed the samples on their table top and moved the pieces around as they explained their concept, also allowing the other class members and the guest designer to pick up and inspect the selections. I took a few photos during the presentations:

Sue Goodell's office "The Nest"

Sue Goodell’s office “The Nest”

June Yan's concept for

June Yan’s concept for “NU WA”  (new way)

"iNet" presented by Julita Cinga

“iNet” presented by Julita Cinga

Nada Samawi designed a space called "

Nada Samawi designed a space called “Freevision”


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