Student Survey for Interior Design Program Review

COMPUTER SURVEYEvery five years we are required to complete a very complex Program Review process. Next year is that year for us. Large quantities of information is gathered and analyzed. An important part of the process is a Student on-line survey, which we need ALL STUDENTS to complete in the next few weeks.  We will use your responses to self-access and improve the program.

It includes 20 questions and will take only a few minutes to complete. There are a few questions about class meeting times. I requested that they change the options from the standard COD format which separates classes into morning, afternoon, and evening. Our day classes are 10-2 or 11-2, and don’t fall into either category. They were unable to change the question. When asked for your preference, I suggest that you select the morning option if you are a student that prefers day classes.

Thanks for your help – you know that I appreciate your time.   🙂

Interior Design:  Student Survey:


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