Meet the New Student Aides: Nancy & Penny


Nancy Faller and  Penny Latta

Nancy (left) is a Music Teacher and Pianist, a Botanical Librarian, and a perpetual student with degrees in Music Education and Library and Information Science. Embarking on her 3rd (and probably not final) career, she decided that she wanted a chance to be a design creative. This is her second year in the Interior Design program at COD, after spending several years in the Advertising Design and Graphic Arts programs here at the college. She loves to garden, cook, make music and design things. Her little 1920’s cottage in Glen Ellyn is crammed with endless art supplies, a grand piano and a garden that includes 20 different varieties of heirloom tomatoes and 6 different kinds of basil. She is working towards the Kitchen and Bath certificate and hopes to design garden inspired kitchen spaces that will serve as the heart of the home and food for the soul.

Penny (right) has been an interior design student at COD since summer 2010. She is slowly but happily making her way through the associate degree requirements. Her interest in interior design stemmed from one too many trips to Calico Corners with a couple of toddlers in tow and evolved into what she hopes will be her favorite of all career decisions.  She is leaning toward residential design and is partial to historic homes.  Her past academic endeavors include a BA in Journalism from Indiana University and an MA in Teaching from Northeastern Illinois University. A school enthusiast, she is thrilled to help fellow classmates and the ID faculty. She lives in Glen Ellyn with her husband, the former toddlers and her dog.


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