Help Turn Used Shoes Into Water

Tammi's trip to Haiti

Tammi’s trip to Haiti

Our very own, Tammi Loerop — has brought her efforts for the Shoeman Water Project to our attention. During a mission trip to Hiati, she learned firsthand of the lengthy journeys on a daily basis necessary to obtain clean water. After her return, Tammi discovered a way to continue to give through the Shoeman Water Project. Tammi explains that the Shoeman Water Projects collects donated shoes which are sold to merchants in 3rd world countries like Haiti and Kenya, and then resold through local merchants for a penny on the dollar. So far, she has donated approximately 8,000 pairs of shoes through her past collections. Please consider joining your fellow Interior Design students in supporting this meaningful cause.

Beginning Monday, November 12th, a box will be available near the ID resource library for collections. With the exception of boots, all used shoes: children’s, men’s, and women’s (including heels) are needed. Shoes may be gently or moderately worn — as long as they are not falling apart, they are acceptable!

If possible, it would be extremely helpful to either tie shoelaces or rubber band shes together in pairs.

For more information on the Shoeman Water Project, visit:


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