I haven’t forgotten about you!!! I have your emails. Your names are on a spreadsheet for me to contact as soon as I can move forward.  But…..

Things are just in flux… will the house be ready, will the furniture be delivered as planned, will the staging still go as planned???

The first house in LaGrange only ended up being a one-day project for 2 students. But that was a small project. The rest will be more substantial – and need larger teams for more days. But I still don’t have the final details for the next house scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Chicago – Wrigleyville.

I’ve had a lot of volunteers, so you may not be able to do multiple days. We’d like to include everyone who wants to help with the projects. Or the day you requested may already be full. But I’ll do my best.

Be sure to watch your email for information to confirm that you are on a team. It will include the address of the house and contact information for other members of your team and the on-site designer.

–> If you receive the email, be sure to confirm with me that you can go. If I don’t hear back from you, I may have to offer the spot to another student.

If anyone is able to go help with the Evanston house, please email me and let me know. That one is far from COD so I only had a few volunteers. It is tentatively scheduled for October 11 & 12.


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