Never a dull moment in TV Land


The Wrigleyville house won’t be ready until Monday. That means that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday volunteers won’t be needed (SORRY!!!)

But anyone who would like to work on Monday, starting about 12:00 noon, can email me ASAP. The designer tells me that this is a much larger house than the first LaGrange house, so they will probably need a crew on Tuesday as well – starting earlier in the day.

So let me know about either day. Once I have the spots filled, I’ll post a quick update here. And if you volunteer, I’ll try to respond right away to let you know you are on the team.

I have no idea where that leaves us for any of the other houses either. There are just too many things that  effect the plans and schedules. I have my list of volunteers for any dates that stay on the schedule that was initially given to me – you’ll be the first ones on the list for those.

If you can be flexible and are available on any of the re-scheduled dates, that’s great too. The ladies on the first house had an unforgettable, fabulous experience. So hang in there with me – it will be worth it. 🙂




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