It’s Time to Apply for Scholarships for Fall 2017


I received an email this week from the Scholarship Specialist at the COD Foundation asking us to spread the word to all our students about $$$

Every COD student is eligible for Foundation scholarships each semester, but entirely too few know this. During the most recent scholarship cycle, $17,000 in scholarships went unclaimed—funds that certainly would make a difference in the lives of many of our students.

Applications are open until March 23rd. That’s a month from today. Students can apply by visiting and selecting “Apply for Scholarships.” After logging in with your COD information, the scholarship system asks you a few qualifying questions and whittles down the list to those for which you would qualify.

Here is a pdf list of scholarships available to students in our division. It was a long list, so I whittled it down a bit. I deleted the program specific ones (like Automotive or Welding). It also shows how many applications were received for each category, so you can see if you have a good chance of receiving something. I also deleted a few that had hundreds of students applying for one $500 scholarship.

I’d love to see lots of you apply for, and receive, some of these funds.




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