Interior Design Jobs & Internships


To: Interior Design Students

From: :)ane

Subject: Interest vs. Committment

I’ve been posting job opportunities on this blog for many years now, and will continue to do so. But I am always surprised (and sad) to learn that nobody inquired about or applied for a particular job.

The design industry is finally doing very well again. There are more opportunities than ever. Firms are searching for good candidates to hire.

I think it’s time for you to decide. Do you really want a career as an Interior Designer?

A few years ago, you could use the economy as an excuse – because there just weren’t many jobs out there. But that is no longer true. All of us on the COD Interior Design faculty are not just “interested” in giving you a quality education. We are COMMITTED to preparing you to succeed. And we even find job opportunities for you. But you have to take it from there. You will gain valuable experience from any internship or job that you do.

Please… think about this: Are you committed to your success? It takes commitment to find success. What can and should you do to make that happen? If you decide that it is time to take that next step, to use what you learned in the classroom within a workplace setting, that is great. Apply for jobs.

But I’d also like you to remember one additional thing… that you are a representative of the Interior Design program at COD. Do your best to make us proud and represent other students who will be following in your footsteps. We want everyone to know that COD has an excellent Interior Design program and prepares amazing students!!!




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