Kitchen & Bath Internship at LaMantia Design & Remodeling in Hinsdale


LaMantia Design & Remodeling has just moved into their new showroom in Hinsdale – on Ogden just west of the Tollway – and it is beautiful. I took a tour yesterday, when I met with one of their lead designers about the internship opportunity, and it would be a fabulous place to work.

They are looking for someone who has completed at least one of the Kitchen & Bath courses since the intern should able to work with K&B drawings, equipment, and materials. Knowing the Chief Architect computer program is also a plus. They need someone ASAP, but hours can change after the spring semester is finished and you may have more time.

Duties: Assist lead designer in all phases of the project. Each project will have a Lead Designer and a Selections Specialist/Designer. LaMantia understands that this will be a learning opportunity for the intern, but also a chance for the intern to contribute to their business. The intern could be called upon to assist with:

  1. Retrieving appliance specifications and updating project files
  2. Updating client selections on spreadsheet files
  3. Compiling the “Warranty Packet” given to each client upon the completion of a project (this covers warranties and care information, which is very important for K&B designers to understand –> a great learning opportunity).
  4. Sitting in on client meetings
  5. Shadow designer on project leads & home visits
  6. Answering Phones
  7. Greeting clients in the showroom
  8. Filing

You would need to be available to work some (not all) Saturdays. This is a busy day in the residential remodeling industry.

This is a paid position, at least at minimum wage, but with consideration given if previous experience (sales, customer service) would be a factor.

There is potential to grow with the LaMantia organization.

If you are interested, please contact Gina Mazzone. Include your email cover letter and a resume. She is a COD grad and has been with LaMantia for 15 years. You will not need to have a final/finished portfolio, but you will need to show examples of your work.


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