If you are waiting for an email replay from Jane… send it again ;)

Remind me

This is me.

I had bronchitis before spring break and may have missed seeing a message or two. Or Ten. Or more. Then I was gone over break, with no access to my email. I feel fine again, but haven’t been able to go back and see everything that came in while I was sick or on break. That’s why I thought I’d better write this post.

And from now on, if you are still waiting for a reply after a few days, please resend your email. I receive over a hundred emails a day and have classes, meetings, and other responsibilities to juggle. Even when I’m not sick or gone, it can be hard to keep up with them. Don’t  hesitate to check by emailing again. Never think that I am intentionally ignoring your message. I sincerely try to do as much as I can and care about all of our students. I just have a lot of balls to keep in the air.

Just wanted you to know.


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