Adventures at NeoCon, Part 1

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to be able to make it down to the Merchandise Mart for NeoCon. I saw a lot of familiar faces there, but for those who couldn’t make it, don’t worry, I took pictures!

For those who may not know what NeoCon is, every June, the Interior Design community gathers at the Merchandise Mart to see what’s new in the industry. Manufacturers and vendors announce and display new products, paint companies reveal their color of the year for next year, and seminars about challenges that designers face in their projects are held. It’s also a great place to network! I left the house on Monday morning with maybe 50 business cards, I came home on Wednesday afternoon with around 20 left. That’s 30 connections made. It’s especially great for students as admissions badges for students are free! Interested in going? NeoCon 51 will be held on June 10-12 2019, mark it in your calendars today.

Without further ado, here’s what I saw at this year’s NeoCon!


There were quite a few seminars going on that were discussing the future of office design, the common thread being moving away from open office plans. Despite this, just about all of the office furniture set out on the showroom floors were benching systems. However these systems started to have more curves in their design and less straight lines as well as customization of privacy and noise reduction.

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In addition to an abundance of benching systems, there were quite a few retailers who were either expanding into or specializing in privacy pods for the office. Some where glass, some had open sides, some resembled traditional recording booths. With such a wide variety of styles, it was interesting to see how each product differentiated it’s self from the competition and their strategies for getting you to look at their product. One manufacturer would plant a tree if you gave them your email address.

Green and living walls have been a trend for a while. What caught my eye was the amount of vendors using moss instead of live plants. Touted as being lower upkeep (it doesn’t need light or water) and having superior acoustical properties, it was fun to see companies make cool shapes out of colored reindeer moss for custom green wall solutions.


I didn’t get as much time to look in the healthcare furniture booths as I’d like, so I don’t have much to report there, other than pattern and color have seem to come to play on not just on guest seating, but exam tables as well.

That’s it for this installment! Check back tomorrow for some of the cool products I spied!

Have a cool competition, job opportunity, or other design related news? Let us know! Email us and we’ll get it up on the blog!

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