Everyone is Invited!

Student Poster

We have invited a group of special alumni to be part of the event and they have interesting thoughts to share with current students. Whether you are new to the program or preparing to graduate, take advantage of this unique opportunity.

We are also supporting a great community service organization during this event. The Christmas Store in Carol Stream offers low income families a place to shop for their children. They are taking donations of NEW toys and gifts. Parents are able to purchase the items for 75% off the sticker price. Money collected from these sales is used to buy food for the families’ Christmas dinners.

Christmas-Store-Logo-2-Color-English-229x300      Christmas-Store

Suggestions of gifts will be posted in the Interior Design hallway. We will be collecting the gifts when you check in at the Alumni Reception. You can also give a monetary donation ($5) and Jane will use any money collected to purchase toys and add them to the donation box. Here are suggestions and requests from the Christmas Store:

✓ Please choose toys that are nonviolent – no Nerf guns, Monster Ink, or Bratz Dolls
✓ Books, stuffed animals & board games are not typically chosen by shoppers

If you are planning on attending, we would appreciate an RSVP here.


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