RED Awards Now Open For Entries

2019 RED Logo

The IIDA 2019 RED Awards is now open for submissions! Now is the time to show off what you’ve been working on all year! Got an awesome project from a studio class? Submit it! Really proud of the way the final project for Visualization Techniques II turned out? Submit it! There is a $2000 award for students on the line! You can submit as many projects as you like, and the best part?

Students enter the competition for free.

So, increase your chances of winning by submitting all the projects that show off your skills best. Not only is this a great chance to win money, the judges are professionals in the field. Those are professionals who are actively looking at your work and it can be a great foot in the door when networking.

Feel like you aren’t talented enough to compete? Don’t! We have had multiple students from COD compete in this competition in the past and win. So enter anyway!

Click here for more information and to enter!

Have a cool competition, job opportunity, or other design related news? Let us know! Email us and we’ll get it up on the blog!

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