Teaching Matters


You may have heard about the ongoing issues between the COD Faculty Association (CODFA) and the Board of Trustees/Administration. This is the full-time faculty at COD. For our program, that is Shelly and I. And if you are not aware of these issues – you need to become aware. It affects your future too.

Much misleading information has been communicated through “official” channels. These updates are one-sided. If you are interested to hear more, please click on the photo above. It is a link to the COD student run newspaper, The Courier. This article is written by the President of CODFA, Shannon Toler.

I hope that you do not have to be told about the commitment that all of our faculty have to your success. Any student that has a genuine desire for a career in our industry, plus a positive attitude and work ethic, should feel it the minute you begin our program, take our classes, participate in events, and continue to graduation.

During my 25 years with this program, students have inspired me to work tirelessly on their behalf. Seeing them build skills, nurture their talents, and develop confidence during their journey is so rewarding. Then seeing graduates achieve professional success makes me burst with pride. I love, love, love working with our current faculty team. They are amazing. We all work together to grow our program and make it better and stronger for your continued success. Leading the Interior Design department at COD is an honor for me.

We ask for your support during this difficult time. In addition to teaching my classes and serving as the Program Coordinator, I am also a Faculty Senator that represents our academic division. If you see or read anything that you do not understand or that sounds questionable, just ask me for clarification (but do it outside the classroom). I am happy to talk to all students and hear concerns as well.

I love the quote on Shelly’s door: “I didn’t say it would be EASY, I said it would be WORTH IT.”


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