Spring Internship Opportunity – OPTO International

OPTO is a fast-paced, constantly-growing retail store fixture manufacturing company selling to the retail industry. We believe in relentlessly communicating, both internally and to our customers. We are obsessively focused on helping our clients be successful, which in turn makes us successful.

OPTO employs responsive and adaptive people who work hard as a tight team. Our design-led customer sales interface focused on fully understanding and guiding each customer to be successful through the purchase of our product. Our in-house engineering and product development gives us the flexibility to react quickly to customer needs and keeps our product innovative and competitive. This gives us industry-leading speed and reliability in execution, which in turn gives our customers the confidence to make us business partners for years to come.
What we’re looking for… • Able to work effectively in a team environment and be a strong supporting member of team efforts • Exude positive attitude and enthusiasm for success and influence other with this attitude • Demonstrate willingness to continually learn about the Retail Industry to better understand and grow OPTO in that market place • Ability to prioritize and work independently with minimal supervision • Ability to communicate quickly, clearly, and effectively • Ability to multi-task and still maintain a sharp eye for detail • Demonstrate effective stress management & time management skills • Outstanding communication skills both verbal and written • Strong organization skills
What you will be responsible for… • Design Support • Prepare client drawings for client proposals • Prepare client drawings for client orders • Revise quotes • Enthusiastically communicate with design team • Collecting and mailing catalogs and finish samples to client • Support the replenishment of the materials library Required Technical Skills… •Understanding of AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite software and others a plus

Interested parties should send email and cover letter to Robin Brower at rbrower@optosystem.com. As always, students interested in using the internship for course credit should also contact Shelly Mocchi at mocchi@cod.edu.

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