Interior Design Faculty – Meet Aleksandra Forystek

Aleksandra Forystek has experience working in both high-end residential and commercial design. She also has participated in unique projects involving innovative design solutions for retail spaces, cultural institutions, and other specialty retail stores in and outside of the U.S. Her work is driven by a combination of architecture, art, and photography. She is interested in creating conceptual spaces by implementing bold forms and patterns. She enjoys traveling and photographing buildings and spaces as well as reading books about architecture and interior design.

Aleksandra has a deep interest in using visualization tools to create interesting spaces and scenarios. She enjoys teaching Interior Design students Advanced Graphic Visualization Techniques (VizTech2) that will help them embrace their abilities and expand their creativity and full potential.  

Aleksandra Forystek holds a degree in Interior Design from College of DuPage. She received the Faculty Choice Award in 2018 and 2019 from University of Illinois at Chicago where she is pursuing her degree in Architecture. She will graduate in 2021. See below for examples of her work and photography.

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