Fall ’20 Schedule Updates – Register NOW

Fall 20 building photo

Some of you may have checked out the Fall Schedule and noticed that things have changed. For a few days some of the classes even disappeared from the schedule. That’s because we have had to move everything to a virtual format again – shown as VCM on the schedule. That stands for “Virtual Class Meeting”. The Hybrid versions of classes came down and then went back up as VCM coded classes. Students who were registered in the Hybrid sections were moved to the VCM classes.

For any future updates and other advising information, be sure to check the blog page “Advising for Current Students”. That’s where I’ll post updates.

All of the faculty are so disappointed about this change. But we have to deal with the reality that we are facing now. Covid cases are surging around the country and we need to be ready when it returns to Illinois – especially when the weather turns cold.

Unless a class absolutely needed to be on campus (like Welding, Auto Repair…) we were strongly encouraged to go to the VCM format. And students whose classes are meeting on campus will have to follow all safety protocols. If we were trying to conduct our classes with these protocols, it would not be a comfortable learning environment. And we would all be at greater risk of exposure to the virus. So we will do the best possible with our VCM classes. Here is a visual of the fall schedule:

Fall Schedule 20 VCM

ONE NOTE: I have been trying to get the Thursday day section of 1212 CAD I shown on this grid added to the schedule since mid-May. It has been approved but never gets added to the schedule. If you have signed up for the Tuesday night section and would prefer to meet on Thursdays at 10 am, be sure to keep checking MyAccess or the Advising page of this blog so you can transfer your registration.

And unless things change dramatically, the Spring ’21 semester may be set up the same way. We have to make plans based on a worst case scenario, and if it’s possible to get back on campus sooner – that will be great. It’s like a design project, you always want to tell a client the longest lead time that could happen. So if things finish or arrive sooner, they are happy. If you promise something that may not happen, there could be a very unhappy client.

I have made the Spring ’21 schedule, but it won’t be published until later than normal in the fall. That will give us time to revise classes/formats before it’s out to students. Shelly and I have that preliminary schedule and we will reference it in any advising appointments with students.

Let’s give fall semester our best efforts and positive attitude. We have wonderful technology and IT support staff to make this go well.

Suggestions for success:

  1. Attend all of the virtual sessions.
  2. Engage in the class like you are on campus – ask questions, make suggestions, reach out to other students.
  3. Request one-on-one time with the instructor when you need it.
  4. Use all of the tools posted for you – tutorials, links, information….
  5. Complete assignments on schedule (don’t get behind)
  6. Patience and flexibility are good strategies too.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay safe.

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