Advising Info for Current Students

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This page contains advising information for students. While it is always recommended that you seek advise from Jane, Shelly, or Lisa Horvatin (our program advisor), this is where to find information and updates about classes, degree & certificates, and related information.

Virtual advising appointments will be available using Zoom. We will post information when they are available and how to book an appointment. Prior to the appointment, students will need to review their academic records and prepare a list of goals and questions to be addressed during the conference – shared with the advisor prior to the actual meeting.

For the remainder of July, 45 minute advising appointments can be made with Jane using this link:  Choose the time you would like to book and Jane will send you a link to a Zoom meeting. Be prepared and be on time – the 45 minutes goes by quickly.

For summer, Lisa’s hours are Monday 1-7 pm, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9 am 3 pm. You can email her to schedule a phone or zoom appointment at       To book an appointment through the Counseling offices with her:

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July 14, 2020 Update:

I am sad to by typing this, but we have had to change all classes previously shown as “Hybrid” to the “VCM” formats for Fall 2020. Any Hybrid course disappeared from the Interior Design Fall schedule this morning and will soon be back up as a VCM course. All registered students will be automatically transferred to the VCM class.

Virtual Classroom Meetings (VCM) – Courses meet completely online in real time at specified days and times using video chat software. All assignments are submitted online. This format is designed allow students regular face-to-face contact in a virtual format.

Online (NET) – Courses are taught completely online following instructor timelines and learning outcomes. Students interact mostly through discussion boards and written messages and assignments, and all assignments are submitted online.

All of the faculty are working very hard to give you the best Virtual Classroom experience possible. COD has provided online training classes for us to prepare for the fall semester, and our faculty team will be meeting every other week to share information and support students.

Important: Both of the above delivery formats have online components. To ensure success, students should do their best to have access to adequate computer hardware and software, including a webcam and adequate wi-fi service. This may be especially important if the college needs to close.

There is also the 1190 – Interior Design Codes and Standards that is completely online and doesn’t include a virtual class meeting. Here is a visual of the Fall schedule:

Fall Schedule 20 VCM



July 14, 2020 Update: Unfortunately, we may be in the same safety protocol situation for Spring 2021. At this point, they have asked us to plan on the same VCM format as is being schedule for Fall 2020. There are a few different classes on the Spring schedule, and we will need to determine the class format for them sometime soon. There is a possibility that we could get approval for a Hybrid format for some of them – depending on progress with containing the coronavirus.

WE WOULD PREFER TO BE IN THE CLASSROOM WITH STUDENTS. But not at the risk and expense of students, faculty, and everyone’s families. Especially with the recent spike in cases around the country. This is a constantly changing situation and we will do our best to keep you updated.

2020 curriculum handout

2020 Curriculum Handout

Interior Design class Flowchart 2020

Click on the link about to access a pdf copy of the Curriculum Handout that lists the requirements of the AAS Degree and 3 Certificates – Kitchen and Bath, Advanced Computer Applications, and Lighting Design.

It also has recommended course sequences for full and part time students.

The other document is a one-page listing of classes showing Levels and pre-reqs.