id Advisory Board

With a goal of ongoing improvement and to better respond to an ever-changing industry, the Interior Design program recognizes the importance of collaboration  with representatives from local business and industry. Members of the Interior Design Advisory Board assist the faculty by providing input regarding current and emerging trends in design related fields and required job skills, as well as educational support and opportunities in and out of the classroom.

The students and faculty greatly appreciate their time and effort and gratefully acknowledge their contribution to the current and future success of the program and its graduates.


COLLEGE OF DUPAGE INTERIOR DESIGN ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS:                                          *


Martha Akre        Thomas Interior Systems, Inc

Dena Kareotes Arendt   Inside Ideas Design

Mark Anderson      The John Buck Company

Katey Armstrong     West Aurora High School

Ron Baughman       Architect

Kayte Becker       Paris Ceramics

Michelle Catellan     Advocacy Healthcare

Jerome Coloma       Charles Sparks + Company

Moira Daley         Moira Daley Designs

Gail Drury        Drury Designs

Linda Fougerousse    Interior Transformation

Jordan Guide         Jordan Guide Design  

Penny Homscheid     Homscheid Interiors

Karen Lang            Hinsdale Lighting 

Heather La Vigne     Philips Lighting

Kate Moeller     Russell Martin Carpets

Barb Polster          Barbara Designs

Constantine Vasilios      Harrington College of Design


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