Interested in the ID Program?

the Interior Design program is located in the Technical Education Center

Thanks for checking out our blog. This is where we post Interior Design (ID) related news, info about  events, and even job openings that may be of interest to our ID students.

The Interior Design program at COD has a diverse student population in regard to age, prior education, and employment experience. The mix of recent high school graduates, adult career changers, and adults entering college for the first time, create classes with a dynamic exchange of life perspectives. Students not only share a love of Interior Design, but also find other students at similar points in their educational and career journeys.

Click the image to watch a video about Interior Design at COD:

Promo Video Image

So…. if you are interested in exploring a career in Interior Design at the College of DuPage, you will find our official website a good place to start.

To investigate opportunities with the COD Interior Design program contact:

  • Lisa Horvatin, Program Advisor
  • Jane Kielb, Interior Design Program Chair
  • Shelly Mocchi, Interior Design Instructor

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