BuildingGreen – Resource Focused on Sustainability

Building Green is an amazing resource for all design topics with sustainability always kept in mind! With over 25 years of experience, no advertisements, and awarded Consumer Report for Sustainable Design its worth your while to check it out! The website is also mobile friendly so its a great resource for on the go!

Its easy to make an account with your COD email and once you do you get access to I.D. product databases, you will only get access to professional pages if you sign up with school email. It is a one time registration!

The website has a knowledge base on a wide variety of topics. Gain more knowledge on sustainable materials, design strategies, building science, the design process and much more! B.G.’s team offers consulting on any and all projects, they are more than happy to assist you in any way they can! They make it easy for students or design professionals to reach out. There is also a tab for peer network where you can get connected with other designers and collaborate with sustainable leaders! The website offers many different features to help with material and product search. You can save your favorites to ‘My Collection’ to be able to use them for future projects. There is also a search filter that will only bring up products reviewed by Building Green and keep the ‘ungreen’ results out, saving you time!

Of course research is never easy but Building Green gives you all the necessary resources to make it as easy as possible! Click Here to be brought to the Building Green homepage.

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